Máy bắn cá miniZend PHP Certification is globally recognized as the industry standard for validating PHP expertise.

Developed specifically by Zend Certified Engineers (ZCE) and members of the PHP Certification Advisory Board, this course prepares experienced PHP programmers for the PHP certification exam.

What Will You Learn?

Máy bắn cá miniThe course provides an in-depth review of all of the major topics within the ten certification areas. Your instructor will use practice exams to identify the topics you need to learn to earn certification, and then provide the necessary instruction to help you prepare. By the end of this course, you will:

  • Know what to expect during the Zend PHP Certification testing process, including the topics you need to master to pass the test.
  • Learn strategies for answering exam questions and making the best use of available time.

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This course moves at a fast pace and assumes intermediate to advanced PHP development skills.


It is helpful to take PHP Fundamentals I, II, and III before this class — or have at least an intermediate understanding of PHP development.  

Class Format

This online class features six 3-hour, instructor-led lectures, along with numerous quizzes and practice mock exams. You will receive a participant course guide that includes quizzes, mock exams, and answers. 

Máy bắn cá miniYou can have an instructor deliver this class at your business site.

Registration, Terms, and Conditions

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The fee includes one PHP Certification Exam voucher.


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Class Schedule

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Class Outline

Introduction to Certification

  1. About the Certification

PHP Certification Focus Areas

  1. PHP Basics
  2. Functions
  3. Data Formats and Types
  4. Web Features
  5. OOP
  6. Security
  7. Strings and Patterns
  8. Databases & SQL
  9. Arrays
  10. Input/Output
  11. Error Handling